The Canadian General Medical Center Complex Company in the Eastern Province is the first medical company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to obtain recognition from the Canadian Council for the Recognition of Health Facilities, as it is one of the first national companies licensed by Aramco to provide advanced medical services to oil and gas companies, where the first branch was opened. The company was in the city of Dammam in 2007 under the honor of His Excellency the Undersecretary of the Eastern Province Emirate, and our branches now spread in the city of Khobar, and the city of Abqaiq, which are specialized medical complexes that include various specialties and medical services for patients, and we also provide many innovative and emergency medical services to industrial companies and industrial companies Oil and gas at the level of the Kingdom and the Gulf countries, including equipping and building medical clinics, providing specialized medical staff, Supply of medicines and medical equipment, ambulances and emergency transportation, and carrying out all kinds of medical examinations, for example (work examination / residence examination / municipal checks / company checks.